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Be Chanida A.


born & based in Bangkok (TH)


Responsibility in creating vibrant & subtle abstracted colors onto white sometimes raw canvases eventually

leading to a day of meditation is what BeChanida practices almost everyday. White is her majority theme medium used in her work. Breaking open into a whole new realm of self-discoveries, self taught artist BeChanida relives her new career as an artist while visiting museums overseas during her flight attendant career days.


Her early works are of Symbol Abstract and Abstract Portraitism where the interest lies within the subject’s lives, emotions & expressions of their life experiences. She was searching for the “Meaning of Life” through paintings. She then self discovered and fulfilled her answer through the abstracted form of her abstracted portrait paintings that lead her back to Abstract Expressionist paintings where usage of colors and brush strokes brought out the answers that she was looking for all along. It lies within her everyday paintings where each works portray the struggle we all have to go through. Each representation of brush marks being painted onto the canvas, each and everyday’s

emotional encounters to all the subject matter that is constantly changing within our daily lives are all related to the “Meaning of Life”. Somedays we laugh together, somedays we cry alone, somedays we achieve the unexpected as a group. These are the “Meaning of Life” where they are in relations to the philosophical idea of BeChanida’s

abstracted paintings. Sometimes acrylic, sometimes oil sticks, sometimes found medium in her studio.




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